The Stamford Learning Accelerator

The Mission of the Stamford Learning Accelerator (SLA) is to provide greatly expanded university and business cooperation on experiential learning. Building on the success of the School of Business’ other Learning Accelerators that house projects from multiple companies and organizations, the SLA will take this one step further. The SLA will serve as a collaborative, multi-disciplinary learning space where programs from many UConn colleges and schools will share space and resources to foster a very wide range of student team projects.

Given its location within the economic heart of Fairfield County, the outreach and partnering efforts of the SLA will extend well beyond the nine current project sponsors, and will include many regional, national and global businesses, as well as governmental and community programs. As such, the SLA will play a key role in opening UConn generally, and the Stamford campus in particular, to new and broader learning and engagement programs.


The SLA’s housing of student team projects from other School of Business Learning Accelerators and programs (e.g., the Innovation Accelerator and the MS in Financial Risk Management Program) greatly broadens opportunities for business school and non-business school student participation, as well as for undergraduate students who have not previously participated in Learning Accelerator projects in any significant numbers.

The School of Business’ SCOPE Learning Accelerator (Sustainable Community Outreach and Public Engagement), which has international and national projects, will now be well positioned to seek similar but smaller projects from local community organizations.

The International Business Accelerator already houses two student team projects and will house its future projects in the SLA.

The School of Business’ new and highly successful MS Financial Risk Management Program will be housing its current six student team projects within the SLA, as well as its Training Room for Bloomberg and other financial software products.